How to grow your music audience

Lucia from behind, facing the audience

Succeeding in the music industry is always hard.

No shortcuts or magic tricks can help you to flourish in just a few days. It requires hard work, time, sacrifice and motivation. Besides, these days you need as much music training as you do in marketing and business in order to emerge.

You should be splitting your time equally between music and business. However, always start analyzing your current levels in both of these areas. Then, you can develop your weaker skills to complement your stronger ones.

By developing your marketing skills, you will grow your audience, which will make all the difference between you and your competitors.

1) Build a relationship with your fanbase

You don’t have to act as a superstar in your social networks. If you have 10000 followers or 10, make sure to answer comments and private messages. Word will spread, and your listeners will bring new listeners. Your music will mean nothing if you don’t connect with your fans and follow up with them.

Some tips to connect with your audience: accept songs requests, contact in private the most active fans to thank them, do 1 to 1 performances, do social posts about them, run competitions and giveaways, etc.

2) The power of video

Most people are much more willing to watch a video than listening to a new song. Whether is a lyrics video, home performance, animation, you don’t need a lot of money to make a great looking one. All you need is a story, a good concept, a phone with a good camera and time.

The purpose of the music video is to enhance your music.

Some examples of simple and effective videos:

3) Promote your music on Reddit

Reddit can be a valuable source of referral traffic that converts into Spotify plays or Music Video views. Reach a passionate, niche audience that will be interested in what you’ve created, choosing for the right category (subreddit) in the website. You can share your music in r/ThisIsOutMusic for feedback, but remember, Reddit is a community that values engagement, so don’t forget to give feedback to others as well.

Check out some recommended music based subreddit categories to get an idea of where should you post your songs.

4) Collaborate with estabilished artists in your niche

A great way to reach more people that could be interested in your music,is to play with musicians of your niche who have a much larger fanbase than yours. Network with local artists in your area, or in cities you’re touring to – check out their social media followings (both in size and engagement), and reach out to new artists who you’d like to play a show with.

5) Get Your Music Played in Stores and Restaurants

Restaurants and retail stores play music to enhance the customer experience. If your music matches the style of a local business, they could play your songs in their shop.

There are many services that offer music for businesses, so reaching out to them and pitching your music might provide you with some additional exposure.

IMPORTANT: If you do this, make sure you have your music registered with BMI, SESAC or ASCAP so you can earn royalties.

6) Help yourself before asking for help

Self-help can turn you in a much better version of yourself, giving you the chance to create a higher level of expression in music and in your career. Audience understands and appreciates it. Practice and fail a lot if you want to learn how to grow your audience in music industry.

It is through failure and active research that you’ll get new skills and knowledge.