7 ways to find a professional session musician

Lucia playing on stage
“Where are good session musicians?”

Every producer, songwriter and composer of these days is struggling to find musicians to get his music service project done remotely. Too much websites, too much musicians profiles, too much informations. In the other hand, tons of musicians struggling to be a part of new projects to get extra work, some of them hobyists, not professional trained. Some of them highly professional. In the middle, the uncomfortable feeling of hiring a stranger.

The reality is: it’s not so hard to spot professional musicians.

Here a list of 7 ways to find the most professional musicians for a project, some of the secrets you MUST know before hiring a stranger.

1) The right freelancers website

Search for musicians in general freelancing websites with reviews: it will give you the possibility to know how the artist worked with previous customers, if they were satisfyed, if the recording was in high quality, if the musician understood every requirement of the producer/songwriter client. Hear to their previous works and figure out if their sound could fit your music.

Some useful websites:


2) The right session musicians website

Not sure about general freelancing websites? Internet is full of specific musicians websites, with various services and possibilities to improve your network of music industry artists.

Some of them can give you the right professional you’ll need. Hear to their recordings, read online CVs and have a look to their galleries.

Some useful websites:


3) Facebook Groups are full of great advisers

Groups like “London Musicians Network”, “Musicians in NY” or 1000 others about musicians, are full of professional artists searching for extra work, people of the Music Industry, Recording Sudios owners, all ready to give you advices and help.

Some useful Facebook Groups:

Musicians for Gigs and session workLondon Musicians Network 

4) Instagram Profile is the new Business Card

Social Media are growing faster than expected, and all artists are there, publishing tasty content, their music, their “home concerts”, and tons of useful material to discover sounds you could be interested in. Open Instagram and search the right hashtag (Exemple: if you’re searching for a violinist, search for #sessionviolinist) and scroll. You may find some interesting session musicians waiting for your message.

5) Ask to your musicians friends / recording studios staff

Professional musicians always know other professional musicians, and can give you even more advices and useful contacts, especially if you’re searching for local artists to join your new project.

Recording studios, as well, are always in touch with all kind of professionals and know perfectly who could be the best for your requirements.

6) Go to local Jam Sessions

Respectful and professional session musicians usually go to Jam Sessions to be “discovered”, to be heard. It is like a showcase of talents playing for you, to let you know they’re aviable and ready to put their instruments at your service. Every Jam Session is usually once a week or once a month in set pubs, you can simply google “Jam Session + Name of your city”, and you will have infos about places, times and genres.

7) Google is your friend

Searching the right keywords on Google will give you more and more possibilities, especially if you’re looking for a specific kind of musician in a specific part of the world. Google will not bite you. Be careful: once founded the musician’s website, read comments, FAQs, hear to audio files and search the artist’s name on other platforms.