7 steps to work as a Session Musician on Fiverr

Lucia playing the violin with headphone on

Musicians were in a big clash in the last years. No concerts, only lots of social distancing.

Before these times, I have always searched for simple ways to help musicians to create new kinds of income online.

As a professional violinist, it was crazy to think that my only income source had to be just teaching and concerts (entrely destroyed by COVID-19). Through five years of research, I have had some success in identfying one of the best websites that helps creatives earn side money doing what    they love: Fiverr.com

Most of the music work that sustained me during lockdown was built on the platform.

Here a list of 7 steps to be one of the most professional musicians on Fiverr and earn money from home with your music:

1) Create your home studio

Crafting your professional home studio is far easier than you might imagine. All you need is a few basic essentials:

    • Computer or Laptop;
    • Digital Audio Workstation – a program to record your audio. I highly recomend Reaper (intuitive, fast, the free version has all the features you’ll need to record great quality tracks);
    • Audio interface – I recomend Scarlet Focusrite (cheap and reliable);
    • One or Two Microphones – Rodes have usually the best value for money;
    • Headphones;
    • XLR cable – to connect your microphone to the Audio Interface;
    • Microphone Stand;

Remember: the one thing that will make the biggest difference in the outcome of your recordings is your ears. Use them properly.

2) Create your profile on fiverr

Obvious? Not at all. A good profile gives you the chance to sell more recordings. Before selling on Fiverr, you’ll need to create your user profile. It’s important to showcase your talents, as well as your skills, education, certifications, and more.
When customers visit your profile, they’ll read everything to understand whether or not to buy your service. It is important to fill out all the informations properly.

More information, means more trust. More trust, means more selling.

3) Choose the right music service

This is the most important part of the entire process of creating a gig on Fiverr. Really think about choosing a service that will be financially successful rather than one you feel is just okay – otherwise, you may waste precious time on creation and promotion.

First, you have to brainstorm a lot. Think about verything you could possibly offer as a service, your current and previous job, instruments you play, hobbies, things you’re interested in, Youtube videos you watch, music genres you love – write a massive list. It will be a huge list of topics and actions relative to them. Keep it, as this will be useful when creating your services and for keywords to use.

Don’t stop to the simple “sell guitar recordings”, because on Fiverr there are a total of 3.358 music gigs like this. You want to choose a service that is kind of niche, so you don’t have too much competition, but it is also important that you choose something broad enough so a lot of people will buy it.

Some effective niche gigs suggestionss: Create Podcast Intros with Real Strings | Mix and Master Videogames Music | Create Twitch intros with electric guitar | Use your creativity!

4) Beat your competitors

Now that you have a big list of ideas for your service, have a quick look around Fiverr to understand which one you should pursue.

First, go on the platform and type in the service you’d like to offer. Ideally, you should see at least two or three pages of results, where the top people have about 100-200 reviews. If there are only a couple of gigs in your search and they only have a few reviews, your target is probably too small of a niche. It’s very likely that those people aren’t making very much money at all, meaning the service is not really worth much on Fiverr.On the other hand, if search results span more than 15 pages and the whole front page is full of people with more than 500 reviews, the market is too saturated.

When you finally find the right kind of services following the previous guidelines, have a look at the top few gigs – maybe their service is out of date or too general, their reviews are not the best, or their portfolio could be of mediocre quality. Work out what you think is not adequate in their gig and how you can differentiate yourself.

After this, you’re finally ready to create your successful gig!

5) Create a converting Gig Page

First of all, think about the title of your services page. It is fundamental to grab buyer attention and offer a great first impression. Use keywords that you want people to find you with. That will give you a keyword-rich URL, which is good for SEO and onsite search.

Then, think about your keywords. Let your brainstorming list help you. While you’re there, select your gig metadata – these are other filtering options for your gig. Basically, the more specific you are with your keywords, the more people will find your gig.

Choose the right price. Don’t focus too much on the basic gig price – the real income is in extra services. The basic price, the one you can see in every gig on the search page (for instance, near the name of the service), is just a hook to catch the customer’s attention.

Using three packages in your Fiverr service can boost earnings by as much as 64%, so it’s definitely worth doing. An example of an extra service is how I started on the platform. My first price was 5 dollars for 15 seconds of a violin recording. If the customer wanted more seconds or faster delivery, they had to buy the gig extra, therefore paying more.

Use items you can charge more for, such as:
• More revisions
• Extra-fast delivery
• More recording minutes
• More instruments

After that, create a converting portfolio. A good portfolio can help you grab the clients you are after and attract the attention of professionals who can advance your career. It’s a constant that needs care throughout your career on the website and should be something you spend a reasonable amount of time crafting. It’s essentially your Fiverr CV, business card, or professional presentation.

6) Interact properly with customers

After filling your professional portfolio and creating your gig, an essential part of your job on Fiverr is dealing with customers. Whatever you are offering and wherever you are sharing your gigs, at the end of the day, you have to express yourself and have discussions with your clients. If you fail, you cannot get anything after all your creation and research efforts.

Answer as fast as you can – I suggest you download the Fiverr app on your phone. Fast replies always create a good impression, and competitors do this well. Buyers usually contact more than one seller at a time, so the faster you are, the more chances you’ll have to take the job.

Last but not least, try to feel what the customer needs through their words and make a personal reply – don’t put across the feeling of an automated response.

7) How do I get my first Fiverr order?

There are a few practical strategies to receive your first order. One of the more successful is Fiverr’s Buyer Requests. This is a smart feature Fiverr has included, which is a great help for beginners to get started.

Customers who want to buy a particular gig but can’t quite find the right one will post a request on Fiverr Requests stating their requirements. Interested sellers will contact them with a fair offer, and you certainly want to be one of them.

This is where you take advantage. Try to offer your services for a lesser price than your competition. You will have to offer your services far cheaper than others to establish yourself on Fiverr. Once you start getting more orders and reviews, you can increase your price.

Promote your gig, tell people what you do, and encourage them to leave a review if they love the service you render.

If you have any curiosity, further questions, or simply want to know more about how to sell your music on Fiverr, I wrote a detailed guide:

Fiverr: Guide to making money from home

Now that you have all the tools, go on Fiverr and use them!