10 TikTok/Reels quick ideas for Game Composers

TikTok and Reels are the hottest new post formats on social media. I know, you feel stupid doing it while imagining only teenagers looking at the mobile screen.

I’ll unveil a secret: I saw loads of video game developers and producers spending hours watching TikTok and Instagram Reels. And they are absolutely over 30 years old.

For this reason, many musicians and composers of the gaming industry are already using Reels. First, to amp up their social media, realizing better audience engagement and greater follower growth. Second, for the potential to even go viral on the platform. It’s worth a shot in your research for new video game contracts. I found many gaming jobs with social media, Instagram in particular.

As with all great opportunities, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to using Reels. However, there are some ways to start using this new feature to grow your video game music audience.

1) Educate with irony

With this strategy, you’ll be able to show yourself as knowledgeable about video game music and as an educator more than someone who’s looking for a job.

Less as a salesman, more as a nice person worth following.

2) Create weird sounds with your instruments

This is my favorite kind of irony, shows your skills with the instrument technique, and your creativity will raise points.

3) Perform your favourite video game soundtracks

Pick your favorite score and be creative.

Try arranging the song in the style you usually compose: this will attract the find of studio or game dev you’re looking for.

4) Perform one of your video game compositions with all your studio instruments

Another creative way to show all the instruments you are hiding in your studio, and the proficiency you have for each one of them.

5) Play one of your instruments in an unconventional way

6) Educate new video game composers with Pop Culture

Pop culture is always the best way to attract people’s attention to serious matters.

Remember: not everyone knows what for us is obvious.

7) Record an orchestra playing your video game score

One of the most emotional parts of being a composer is to hear your music becoming alive thanks to the help of an orchestra. Record some of these moments. Not only for your audience but mostly for yourself, to remind you how far you went.

8) Break down your video game music tracks

Show your knowledge and your production skills by analyzing one or more of your scores live, with short and simple sentences to explain your work.

9) Break music records and share your results

Achieve new impressive records and keep track of them by sharing them on social media.

10) Have fun with original audio in the platform

Last but not least, enjoy the process. One of the best parts of sharing Reels and TikToks is that you never know which one will become viral. For me, it was the most nonsense one: Me playing back in black with the same rhythm as a guy crushing beer cans.

This is the magic of the internet.

Would you like more advice for video game composers?

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